Medical Professionals

$60 (60 minute massage)

Service Workers

30% OFF All Massages

We would love to help you experience the cumulative benefits of frequent massage. Therefore, making massage therapy a part of your lifestyle has never been easier. Please take advantage of some of our special offers today!

What We Have To Offer

Police, Fire Fighters, EMT’s, Teachers, Flight Medics, and all other services workers.

We know your job is hard. You save lives, educate our children, and protect us from harm. Even though sometimes it seems like a thankless job, you do it anyway. Here at Hands on Healing Massage Therapy, we want to say thank you for your service. We are offering 30% off massages for any services worker just to say we appreciate you. Call us today and let us serve you!

Many health care employees work high-stress jobs. 12 to 16 hours on your feet, swing shifts, and lack of sleep do not add up to a relaxed and balanced body. Hands on Healing Massage Therapy has a solution for this dilemma. Due to your tireless service we are offering discount massage services to you. All medical employees may enjoy 60 minute massage services for the price of $60.Call us today and switch roles for once by letting us take care of you!

At Hands On Healing Massage, we know that you are only as old as you feel; as a result, we strive to make sure you always feel young and spry. For that reason we are offering 20% off all massage services for senior citizens. Call us today for a rejuvenating massage experience.


Suited for Triathletes, Marathon Runners, Cyclist, and all serious athletes. We at Hands on Healing Massage Therapy know what your body needs to prepare and rehabilitate before and after your event. For this purpose we have put together a pre/post event combination discount Package for $100. With this package, you will benefit from a 60 minute pre- event and 60 minute post-event massage designed to give you the edge and balance you deserve for your hard work!

Senior Citizen

20% OFF All Massages


Combination Discount Package $100

Hand’s On Healing cherishes and builds upon the close relationships we create with our clients. Because of this, we really appreciate our client referrals, so much so that we will reward you with a $10 discount for every referral!